Valued at only 1 cent.

It’s reminiscent of warm autumn days, which lay in its base.

Its glittering is the deflector of destruction and the sign of a warrior.

Its sounds can be a deep bellow that rattles our ribs,

or the chimes of a song bird that itches our ears.

It tells the fables to old men, which are passed on again and again.

It can be beaten and hidden,

but regardless it impresses.

It’s redolent of determination, accompanied with rich hints of earth.

All valued at 1 cent.

Blue Color Poem

Some think of it as sad

Some it makes glad

And yet almost anywhere you gaze

Be it in the distance or somewhere through the sun’s rays

It’s there almost watching in a sense

Yet still friendly and calming

Often people think of the fun involved

Others think of the gloom

Some just think of the ocean


Bright, yet dark

Powerful, yet deadly

It’s not only a sight, but a feeling

The emotion of love, but also anger

Some of us push it away, while others constantly need it

But no matter how much we try to escape it

It’s everywhere

It’s in hearts of children

And the roses given to us by a lover

It’s in the bully and the bullied

It’s in the son, and the father who beats his son

But it’s also in the very substance that keeps our heart beating

You see?

It keeps us alive;

We need it.


Color Poem

The Creative Writing Club has decided to integrate poetry to our writing! This month’s prompt is about describing a color to a blind person without directly stating what the color is. This can be done through feelings, objects, people, etc. The poem doesn’t need to rhyme and has a minimum of 4 lines. Be sure to check out what BUHS has to offer!